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Long rant..feel free to skip.

Today's been such a frustrating day..There's this project we have to do this semester for termwork marks, so all the groups(the class was divided into) had to come up with ideas, complete with circuit diagrams and the like..

Four people from my group are friends, so when it came to choose a group leader we all agreed to share responsibility instead of one leading and the reast following...Still, we had to name someone leader..So, because I hadn't got into trouble with the professor yet, I offered to take the place..

The difficulty level of circuits had to be beyond what we are currently learning; so there was a fair amount of researching to be done. When the topics' list came out, everyone's internet cough*suddenly*cough
stopped working, so me and another girl spent two entire nights searching for projects..Needless to say, we hardly came up with anything substantial..I am soo utterly exhausted from a day of never-ending lectures followed by nights of no sleep..Spent yesterday night printig everything out..

And today when I got to college, turns out the inactive people in my group haven't even bothered to help..Two of them are actually had the guts to suck up to the professor talking all the ideas they have..

I mean wtf man...you can talk smart about all your *ideas*, but when you havent even got the circuit diagram and/or the circuit working, what the hell am I supposed to submit to the teacher?!!

Turned out my group had the least number of ideas, while the others showed up pages and pages of printouts..Seriously when I was walking upto the professor's desk I felt like the worst fool on the planet..She had a look at the printouts, then proceeded to quiz me on the circuit working and all the functions of the IC's and such..I am soooo exhausted that I didnt have time to do all that.

obviously I was in for the shouting of my life..She picked on me coz I was the leader and kind of kept on shouting till my eardrums burst. Said a few things like why do I even bother coming to college when I can't look up anything thoroughly..It was really really embarassing to be screamed at with the entire class watching...I was extremely angry at everything, myself, my group..and the pitying looks my classmates gave me wanted to make me go to someplace alone and cry..

It's really frustrating when you start off being so enthusiastic about something, and then feel let down because other's havent been pitching in. I really wanted to have fun with the project, even if it meant hours of slaving, and now I feel that it's been an unnecessary burden on me. It's not that I hate studying, but I don't like it when I've got to shoulder the workload and *then* have answers for it if something goes wrong..

So basically, its Saturday, and I'm looking forward for a weekend researching about feasible electronic projects..I know I'm probably going to feel childish and stupid tomorrow for ranting on LJ like this, but I needed to get that out of my system..As for my situation, there's no help for it so I'm going to do my best from now on..

If anyone's still reading this disjointed rant, thanks for giving me company in my misery ^__^



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Jan. 31st, 2009 12:06 pm (UTC)
awh bb <3

those people are assholes. i hate people like that who just push everything to you & wash their hands off everything.

if it comforts you. i always get into loads of trouble ^^; okay, thats not a comfort & since its not work-related reasons.

but ah <3 i hope you feel better bb! (& don't feel childish. i rant on LJ sometimes to i feel kinda dumb a few days later whenever i do that, but whatever, its a release)
Jan. 31st, 2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
thank you soo much

just had a good long sleep, makes me feel much better and ready to go..

Hope you don't get into trouble often though.
the problem when you wind up in a mess is that it really hurts, and you kind of feel awkward when you have to put our foot down and stand your ground with your friends ne?

Jan. 31st, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
sleep always helps. always.

aii. i know what you mean. it hurts & it just really sucks. & its hard also, sometimes to stand your ground.

<3 & you're welcome!
Jan. 31st, 2009 03:50 pm (UTC)
*nods furiously*

and of course a good dose of fangirling works wonders as well. reading my LJfriends' page always gets my smile back.^__________^

*huggles* <333
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